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September 08, 2022 4 min read

Home appliances can be costly. However, if a person knows where to look, they can save on these purchases and have more money for other things. Pennies for Gold carries a wide selection of discount home appliances today.The following items are only a few of the many found at this popular retailer.

Wall Heaters

Wall heaters provide a convenient way to heat the home. This type of device allows the homeowner to warm a single room rather than the entire residence, and the heat arrives almost instantaneously. Furthermore, they don’t take up valuable floor space.

As most devices of this type feature a built-in thermostat, the occupants of the room determine how warm they wish to be. Visit many homes today and these devices will be found in bedrooms and bathrooms, where a person may want extra warmth on a cold day.

These devices contain a heating element. As the unit is turned on, this element begins warming the room. The warm air is distributed throughout the space with the help of a fan, making this device simple, reliable, and fast. Choose from inset and surface-mounted options along with hard-wired and wall plug versions.

Air Purifiers

Many people worry about the air they breathe when they leave the home. In actuality, they need to be worried about the air they are taking in when they are within their residences. The Environmental Protection Agency reports indoor air is significantly dirtier than the air outdoors. Air purifiers help to clean indoor air by removing contaminants.

Airborne particles may enter the lungs, leading to irritation or an allergic reaction. By removing pollutants, the air purifier ensures the air a person breathes is clean and healthy. When choosing one of these devices, a person should look for a unit that features HEPA filters and pay attention to the clean air delivery rate. Look for a clean air delivery rate that is two-thirds of the square footage of the area to be cleaned. Pennies for Gold has several models to select from, making it easy to find the right air purifier for any room in the home.

Stick Vacs

Homeowners often invest in stick vacs because they love their convenience. They no longer need to pull out a large vacuum cleaner to handle a small mess. As these devices have improved in terms of their suction over the past few years, people might find they use them more than larger vacuums.

Cordless models remain the most popular with homeowners. However, they do have a shorter lifespan. Consumers need to consider this when making a purchase. In addition, pay attention to the runtime of each model, as some cordless stick vacs lose power within 15 minutes. Corded versions don’t come with these problems.

Carpet Cleaners

Homes with carpets get dirty quickly. Germs become trapped in the fibers of the carpet and a vacuum cannot remove them all. This is where a carpet cleaner comes in. Many homeowners pay a professional to clean their carpets regularly. This becomes expensive and can be a hassle.

Investing in a carpet cleaner for personal use makes sense. This type of device cleans carpets and upholstery with ease. The carpet cleaner removes stuck-on dirt and dissolves stains so the home looks clean and fresh at all times. With several models available at Pennies for Gold, every homeowner should be able to find a unit that meets the needs of their household.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Dry air in the home can lead to an unproductive cough, asthma symptoms, chapped lips, and more. Humidifiers work to put moisture in the air and alleviate these problems. Consumers find they may choose from evaporation and ultrasonic models today, and many homeowners opt for ultrasonic versions.

The ultrasonic humidifier uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce a very fine mist of water. This mist adds moisture to the air without making items in the home damp. The quiet, stylish designs often come with no filter, which saves the homeowner money over time.

When purchasing one of these devices, consider the coverage area, tank capacity, and runtime. Choose between warm mist and cool mist versions. People who struggle with congestion and sinus issues often choose a warm mist model, but parents and pet owners typically go with a cool mist unit.


When the time comes to purchase a new TV for the home, consider an LED TV from Pennies for Gold. These models use less electricity than their older siblings and homeowners love the thin and light design of these units. Furthermore, LED TVs emit less radiation than other models, so people can watch them longer without tiring.

With many LED TVs to choose from today, people will find they can easily purchase a model they love. Look for a TV that can share the screen with other devices. Another option on LED TVs is an HDMI or USB port, so other devices can be connected to the TV for viewing purposes.

Steam Mops

However, nobody wants to watch TV in a dirty home. When shopping for a new television at Pennies for Gold, be sure to check out the steam mops, as well. With the help of one of these devices, a person can clean their home in less time and have more time to watch TV.

A steam mop removes dirt, grime, and stubborn stains while removing scuffs on floors in the home. No cleaning solution is needed to have a spotless floor in little time. People love that they can get a deep clean without the use of chemicals, which is why steam mops continue to increase in popularity. Learn more today about this environmentally friendly option, one that also protects the health of those who live in the home.

Head over to Pennies for Gold to see the latest selection of discount home appliances. Individuals who do so find they have a range of products to choose from. However, stop back by the site often, as the selection is currently changing. If a good deal is found, be sure to grab it right away. A person can never know what they will find when they visit this site, but they are sure to get some amazing deals when they do.

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