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September 01, 2022 4 min read

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Babies are tiny, but they require a ton of supplies. The basics, from formula to diapers, are just the beginning. As the baby grows, other items are needed to help them learn and grow. Yet, though the baby is still tiny, a lot of these items end up being expensive. With the click -and- collect options available today, it’s possible to get the best in baby gear and still save money.

Baby Swing

Baby swings are incredibly helpful for many parents. The gentle rocking motion can help sooth e a baby, allowing mom or dad to get a few things done around the house. The Mamaroo multi-motion baby swing is a fantastic option for the home, while the portable swing with music is great for taking anywhere the baby goes.

Kid’s Bookcase

Though an infant isn’t going to start reading, it’s always a great idea to read to them. Experts recommend reading at least one or two books to the baby each day, and once the baby is a little older, they can start exploring books on their own. A kid’s bookcase is the perfect option for storing baby books within easy reach.

Formula Dispenser Machine

While formula comes with tiny measuring spoons to use, it can still be challenging to measure the right amount while holding a crying baby . An advanced formula dispenser machine dispenses the formula and water, mixing it , so it’s the perfect consistency. It’s possible to make any size bottle, choose the temperature, and create a bottle ready for the baby without having to do each step alone.

Activity Center Table

Keeping older infants occupied and learning is easier with a discovery activity center table. The baby can stand fully supported in the seat and move around the table, checking out and playing with anything that catches their attention. Bright colors, music, and plenty to see and do make this a perfect option for providing learning time while keeping the baby occupied for a few minutes.


Bouncing helps with improving gross motor skills and growing the muscles needed for walking, running, and climbing. The Baby Einstein activity jumper provides support for the baby while allowing them to jump, play with toys, and play with music. It’s adjustable, so it can grow with the baby and features 360-degree rotation, so the baby can turn and play with other toys or look at what’s going on around them.

Pack ‘N Play

At home or away, having a pay area where the baby can be safely is crucial. The Graco Pack ‘n Play available is designed to fold up in seconds, set up in seconds, and provide sun protection for babies outdoors or on vacation. Access to the baby is simple from overhead or through a zippered area along the size , and there’s plenty of room for the baby to play and explore while they’re in it.

Infant Car Seat

Infants require special car seats designed to keep them secure while riding in any vehicle. Car seats today come with bases that attach to the car, and the car seat can be attached to the base when driving and taken out to make it easy to carry the baby inside. It’s a good idea to look into the car seats available to find the right one based on the baby’s age, height, and weigh t . For infants and younger babies, rear - facing car seats are crucial for their safety.

Baby Gates

Some areas of the home may not be baby-proofed or safe for the baby to enter. Other areas might have stairs, which can be dangerous. When an area needs to be blocked off, a sturdy baby gate is crucial. Some gates provide easy access for parents to walk through, allowing the parent to open it from the top with one hand and close it behind them. This helps to keep the baby safe, especially once they start crawling and walking, without impeding access through the home for older children or adults.

Air Purifier

Though it’s not strictly a baby item, an air purifier should be on every parent’s must-have list. Air purifiers are designed to pull contaminants out of the air and keep the room’s air as clean as possible. Though the house is clean and taken care of, there will be dirt and debris that builds up in the home’s air conditioning system. This can then be dispersed through the home, including the baby’s room. An air purifier catches any tiny contaminants in the air and removes them, ensuring the baby has fresh air to breath e .

If you’re in need of baby items, these are some of the top must-have items to add to your list. Even better? It’s possible to get them while spending less at Pennies for Gold. Check out the click -and- collect program to find discounted baby items to purchase, then pick them up at the store at your convenience.