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November 21, 2022 3 min read

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Luggage is a necessity if you plan to travel. Whether you are going across town for a few days or clear across the globe, you need some way to carry your belongings. Pennies to Gold has discounted luggage suitable for this purpose. What might you find when visiting our site? 


Softside Luggage


Weight is often the reason a person chooses softside luggage over hardside pieces. While some hardside pieces are actually lighter than softside options, they lack interior reinforcement. This means they aren’t very durable. 


In addition, if airport personnel drop or mishandle the softside luggage, it is less likely to be damaged than other options. People often find it easier to pack softside pieces, as they can adjust to bulky items. That isn’t the case with hardside luggage. 


Pennies to Gold has several softside luggage options available. They come in a variety of sizes, including those appropriate for children. In addition, you will find you have color and style options to choose from. 


As our selection regularly changes, if you don’t see a style or color you like, check back next week. You may find exactly what you want on your next visit to our site. 


Hardside Luggage


Some people, however, travel with delicate items. They want hard-shell luggage to protect these items from harm. A piece of luggage moves many times throughout a journey, and the owner cannot see how it is being handled. There is less risk of damage to the contents of the luggage when you select a hard shell case. 


Hardside luggage is very durable and won’t crack or break as easily as it did in the past. There is little risk of the luggage getting stained to where it is not usable. In addition, people love they can lock this suitcase and nobody can cut it open to access the contents. That is an issue with soft side pieces. 


At Pennies to Gold, we have several hardside discounted luggage to choose from. All are a minimum of 50 percent off. Check out what is available and stop back by next week if you don’t find what you are looking for. We update our selection every week. 


Rolling Tote


Many people today opt to purchase a rolling tote, particularly for hobby items. For instance, a person might choose to invest in a special rolling tote if they travel with their sewing machine. This allows them to keep their sewing items together, and rolling totes created for a specific hobby often come with extra protection. 


Another option is a rolling tote designed for scrapbooking supplies. When choosing a tote, learn whether you can lock it and how it secures the items during transport. In addition, pay attention to the wheels, as nobody wants to haul this tote throughout an airport because the wheels refuse to work. However, this is one option anyone who travels regularly may wish to invest in. 


Many people who don’t travel choose to buy one of these totes simply to keep their items in one convenient location. This is an option too. 


Trunk with Wheels


Footlockers or storage trunks with wheels are popular with some individuals. In fact, many scout troops today require this luggage when kids will head off to camp or go on a trip with the troop. 


The shape and size of the trunks make them easy to stack when multiple people travel together. This allows the trip organizers to plan transportation ahead of time. 


In addition, college kids often make use of these trunks when moving between their dorms and homes. Military personnel use these trunks as well. One reason they are so popular is you can use them for storage at home between trips. 


Visit Pennies for Gold to see the storage trunks offered today. Thanks to the versatility of these trunks, you might find you want one or more for the home even if you don’t travel.  


Pennies to Gold offers a wide selection of discounted luggage to choose from. Every person should explore this section of the site to learn what is available. Thanks to our low prices, a person could find they can get two or more bags for the price of one in a conventional retail store. 


Visit today to see the current selection of amazing products and check back weekly. Doing so ensures you won’t miss out on a great deal. We have everything from air conditioner filters to toys, so no member of the family will be left out.