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November 21, 2022 3 min read

Check Out Our Discount Office Supplies at our Click and Collect Online Store!

One way to increase employee satisfaction is to provide them with the tools they need to make their jobs easier. In addition, prioritizing their health makes them feel valued and an important part of the team. 


Any company looking to improve employee satisfaction should visit Pennies for Gold. We have a range of discount office supplies designed to help any business achieve this goal. The following is a sample of the items we offer on our site. 


Water Dispensers


Water provides countless health benefits, and every business wants its workers to be healthy. Install a water dispenser and know that your employees have access to a necessity in life whenever they need it. 


Dehydration is detrimental to concentration and productivity. With this water dispenser, companies find this is less of a concern. Coffee and sugary drinks don’t provide the same benefits. 


In addition, purchasing a water dispenser reduces waste while benefiting the environment. Check out the water dispensers we have available at Pennies for Gold to find one that meets the needs of your company and workers. 


Standing Desks


Standing desks also benefit the health of your workers. Making the change to these desks will improve the lives of those you employ significantly. 


Pennies for Gold has these desks and other discount office supplies available at amazing prices. Save 50 percent or more on these essential items when you choose to buy from us and watch employee attendance improve. 


Keyboard Trays


Many workers today use keyboard trays, as the tray makes their duties easier to complete. In fact, with the right keyboard tray, a person finds their entire work center is more ergonomic. 


The tray allows each worker to find the position that is most comfortable for them. However, each worker needs a tray that fits their specifications. 


Fortunately, you can find these keyboard trays at Pennies for Gold. We have several styles to choose from, so every worker can find a tray they like. Regardless of what they select, the employer knows they will be getting an amazing deal on the keyboard trays, as our products are 50 percent off the retail price at a minimum. 


Mobile Workstations


Some employees move around throughout the day. Ensure they have the items needed to complete their work duties on hand regardless of where they go. 


A standing desk workstation is ideal for many of these individuals. They can choose to sit or stand with many of these devices and angle their electronics to their preferred viewing position. 


Nurses use mobile workstations as they travel between patients’ rooms, and many other people benefit from a workstation of this type. 


Other workers, however, find they don’t need a workstation for electronic devices. They simply need something that allows them to transport their supplies from one location to the next. A janitor in a building is a good example of another person who would benefit from a mobile workstation. 


Check out Pennies for Gold to see the mobile workstations currently available. As the selection is constantly changing, what you find on the site today may differ from what you saw yesterday. 


When you find the perfect item, don’t wait to make the purchase. Quantities are limited, so you must act quickly or risk letting the item sell out. 


Additional Office Accessories


We sell many other items that business owners might find to be of benefit. We may have a coin sorter ideal for a retail operation. An under-desk drawer for a standing desk is a great accessory for many employees.


Other people, however, would appreciate having a three-hole punch, as they spend a large part of their day handling paperwork. This task makes it easy to store the documents in a binder or another item of choice. 


Pennies for Gold allows you to shop online or in-store. The selection is constantly changing, so you never know what you will find when you visit the website or come see us in person. We also offer a buy-online, pick-up-in-store option. You choose what is convenient for your needs. 


We restock every week, so be sure to check back to see what new has come in. Thanks to our ever-changing selection, you will find something you want and need at an amazing price with every visit.