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September 30, 2022 4 min read

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Exercise, whether it’s from workouts or hiking and camping, is crucial for good health. Yet, the gear needed to participate in sports and exercise can often be incredibly expensive. Thankfully, there are alternatives that can help with saving money. Whether you’re looking for ca m ping gear, exercise machines, or other discounted sporting goods, check out the prices to see how much you can save.

Cots and Chairs

When camping, cots and chairs can be invaluable. Sleeping directly on the ground may not be comfortable, depending on the location, but a cot can help. When it’s time to relax around the fire or just take a break from hiking and other activities, a folding chair is the perfect option. Products designed for camping often fold up small, so they’re easy to take along , no matter the destination. Other camping gear , like inflatable beds , are available to make the next camping trip a lot more fun.


Weights provide resistance and can help with strength training. Whether the goal is to lift more or just to get in shape, a set of quality dumbbells is crucial. Dumbbells are perfect for many exercises that can be safe to do at home, and a full set makes it easy to increase resistance when doing various exercises. Plus, by having a full set on hand, it’s easy to switch weights depending on the exercise or to increase to the next one without having to wait to purchase another weight. Everything is there and ready to use.


When the weather’s nice, a bike ride might sound like the perfect idea. There is a bike for just about anyone, though prices can quickly climb when looking into some of the latest models. When picking out a bike, look at the size, the features, and more. For children, choosing the right size is the most important thing to think about, as bikes that are too small can be difficult to ride , and ones that are too tall may be dangerous until the child grows a little more. In areas with hills, having gears can help. In areas where there’s a lot of sand or on trails, bikes with wider wheels are often desired to handle the rough terrain better.


A great way to exercise is by jumping on trampolines. Kids will love the trampoline, too, as they learn how to do different flips and tricks. Any time it’s nice outside, the trampoline provides a perfect place to stay. Choose one that’s going to be big enough for jumping and different tricks or flips before buying. Before using it for the first time, review safety rules to prevent injuries and keep the fun going longer. Always make sure safety rules are followed on the trampoline by kids and adults.

Basketball Hoops

Kids and adults alike will love a friendly game of basketball in the yard. A standalone basketball hoop can get the kids playing outside and provide hours of fun when the weather’s nice. Before buying, look into how the basketball hoop is put together and gather any fill materials that may be needed to help it stand without falling. Then, all that’s needed is the perfect place in the yard or driveway to start enjoying the game.

Exercise Machines

Exercise machines provide specific assistance when doing a variety of workouts at home. There are tons of exercise machines available, depending on what someone is interested in doing, and there are plenty of ways to use them to fit in a quick workout during the day. Check out the features of the various machines to learn more about what they do, then pick out the right one to try. Often, this is based on the type of workout desired or the specific goals a person has when they start working out at home.

Safety Gear

Staying safe while exercising is crucial, and there is safety gear available for just about any type of exercise. Check out elbow, knee , and wrist pads when learning to skate or similar activities. Helmets should always be used when riding a bike, especially for children. Take some time to learn more about any activity before beginning and find out if any safety gear is needed. If it’s required, be sure to pick it up before trying the sport for the first time, as the safety gear can help minimize potential injuries and keep everyone safe.

Sporting goods can be expensive, but there are ways to save money. Check out the discounted options available to learn more about how to enjoy days at home or start working out without having to spend as much money. With the big savings available, it’s even possible to try out a variety of different activities to see what everyone in the family likes the best. Take a look at the options available today to see our available discounted sports goods.