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September 01, 2022 4 min read

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With the rising cost of homes today, many people are opting to stay in their existing residences. However, they might find they need to make changes to ensure their homes meet their needs in every way. What are some ways a person might choose to remake their home this year?

Home Libraries

Following the global pandemic, many people are choosing to transform a room in their houses into a home library. They recognize the importance of having activities outside of electronics when they are home for extended periods. However, as with any home renovation, they must establish a budget for this project.

One way to save on items for the library without sacrificing quality is to turn to Pennies for Gold. Here, consumers will find bookshelves, chairs, and more to furnish this room without breaking the budget. Add an ottoman and a side table to make this room the ideal place to relax and enjoy a good book.

Living Rooms

Many people are opting to update their living rooms with patterned wallpaper or interesting textures. Small changes can make a big difference in a room.

However, experts recommend purchasing furnishings in neutral tones, such as warm beige or blue. Doing so provides a calming effect.

With neutral furniture, such as an accent chair in black, a person can easily change up the accessories to give the room a fresh look. They know the furniture won’t clash with whatever accessories they choose. Pennies for Gold has a selection of furnishings ideal for any living room today.


Countless people cannot get enough time outdoors now. After being stuck at home indoors during the global pandemic, they want to spend as much time outside as possible.

To accomplish this goal, they may choose to add a sunroom to the home. This allows them to feel as if they are outside even on those days when the weather is less than ideal.

Head over to Pennies for Gold to find a selection of pieces perfect for a sunroom. Invest in a wicker rocker or purchase folding patio bistro tables.

With so many outstanding pieces to choose from, a person might find it difficult to purchase only one or two. Thanks to the low prices seen on this site, they can furnish the entire room at a fraction of what they would spend when buying from other retailers.

Home Offices

Many people find they are still working at home today. In fact, some employers have decided their workers will never return to the traditional office. It makes more sense to allow them to work from home.

While this may appear to be a wonderful idea at first, these same workers might find they need a dedicated space in their homes to get their work done. Pennies for Gold recognizes this and has a selection of office furnishings on the site.

Purchase a storage rack to hold peripherals such as printers and office supplies. Add a writing desk where certain tasks can be completed or opt for an L-shaped computer desk that offers space for a laptop or desktop and other frequently used items. Don’t overlook desk chairs when furnishing this room, as a comfortable seat is essential if a person wishes to be productive.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. People gather in this room intentionally and unintentionally. Everyone has to eat at one time or another, and families should make this room comfortable, so family members want to spend more time here.

Consider buying bar stools so people can sit and visit with the cook while they prepare meals. Put a small table in the room with some dining chairs purchased at Pennies for Gold and sit down with a family member for a quiet conversation and cup of coffee.

While purchasing items for this room, don’t overlook storage cabinets either. Use these cabinets to store fine china and other collectibles that belong in this room. These cabinets may also be used for extra storage if the room has few cabinets designed for this purpose.

While browsing the discount furnishings offered through the Click and Collect section of the Pennies for Gold website, slip over to check out the discount kitchen appliances and other items intended for this room.

Invest in a new coffee maker or purchase a kitchen island to make the room complete. With so many items offered on this site, a person will find multiple things for every room of the home.

Pennies for Gold is the first place a person should shop for discount home furnishings. The selection is constantly changing, but the prices remain low at all times. In fact, every item offered in the Click and Collect section is at least 50 percent off the retail. Some items are 99 percent off.

Be sure to check back often, so a great deal is never missed. Before a person knows it, they will have redecorated their entire home without hurting their budget in the process.

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