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Shipping Policy

By checking this box, I acknowledge the following:
  1. Pennies for Gold does an excellent job taking detailed pictures of each product and writing a detailed condition description of each item. I acknowledge that I have read the condition description on the item(s) I am purchasing and have also looked at the photos of the item(s) to review product condition.
  2. FOR LOCAL KANSAS CITY AREA PICKUP ONLY: It is my sole responsibility to inspect the item and ensure satisfaction of condition before leaving the premises upon item pick up. If dissatisfied, a full refund will be issued if the buyer alerts Pennies for Gold before leaving the premises upon item pick up. Due to the nature of some items, we are unable to fully test it in the store. In those cases, you have 7 days from the day you pick up the item to receive a full refund. If applicable, the 7 day return policy will be noted in the condition description of the item. 
  3. FOR CONTINENTAL USA SHIPPING ONLY: All items being shipped are sold without the possibility of return, refund or exchange. It is the buyer's responsibility to read the condition description on each item. Because we offer such low prices on the items in our store, we are unable to provide free shipping. Shipping is at the buyer's expense and will be paid at check-out.